Do I suffer from insomnia or is my sleeping problem temporary?

The number of hours of sleep needed changes with the person and with age. A baby does not sleep the same as an old woman. In general they vary from 4 to 10 hours a day. But the best measure to know if you’re sleeping is if you feel good when you wake up, that’s why it’s so variable. In any case, getting up on Monday in a bad mood because you have to go to work is not insomnia.

Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep

– Taking more than half an hour to fall asleep.
– Waking up several times at night
– If you wake up earlier than usual and can’t go back to sleep.

In most cases it is not a disease although it is the symptom of others. That is why it is convenient to consult a specialist when you have problems sleeping continuously.

Causes of insomnia

– Some psychiatric illnesses are depression.
– The consumption of substances such as alcohol or coffee.
– The continued use of medicines such as those used to treat colds or hypertension.
– Other diseases of the organism in bronchitis or heart patients.

We can consult a doctor in any of the above situations, but in the case of chronic insomnia we must follow a long-term treatment. Initially, before any sleep disorder we should consult with the family doctor even if we are not dealing with a case of insomnia itself.

In no way should you take medication for insomnia without the advice of our doctor, not only because you should not self-medicate, but because many times the problem is solved with practical advice to sleep well. In addition, we could be making it difficult to diagnose a disease that was the cause of the sleep problems.

Insomnia has a cure

  • Usually insomnia can be cured, although in the case of chronic insomnia or in the case of the elderly we will have to have permanent control because it can reappear.
  • If we follow a series of rules we can avoid insomnia except in the case that it is the consequence of some disease in which case when the disease is resolved the insomnia will disappear. In any case, anyone who has suffered from chronic (long-lasting) insomnia is at risk of suffering from it again.

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