Insomnia kills: the serious consequences of lack of sleep

Some people only see insomnia as an uncomfortable problem that makes them more tired. However, more and more people are aware of the impact that lack of sleep has on the body, with consequences that can visibly decrease the quality of life. The latest study goes further and seriously worries us, because insomnia kills.

Insomnia can kill

  • The study comes to us from the University of Mexico and it is not about the number of fatal accidents caused by lack of sleep, which also exists. It is another way of killing, of killing neurons, poisoning or intoxicating them due to insomnia. The process is slow and complicated, but the danger of ending one by one with the neurons due to not sleeping hovers over insomniacs.
  • It seems that when the quality of sleep is drastically reduced, the blood-brain barrier weakens until it stops fulfilling its function. Its function is precisely to prevent the entry of neurotoxic agents into the central nervous system. In this way, lack of sleep would allow toxins to infect the brain, killing neurons and, over time, causing death.
  • In addition, when this blood-brain barrier breaks down, some drugs can reach the brain with adverse effects on neurons, generating alterations in mood, behavior, daytime sleepiness and an evident wear of neuronal activity.
  • Logically, this process that occurs in the brain and that can cause death due to insomnia, does not happen overnight. So it’s not a matter of being alarmed by a sleepless night either. However, it would be necessary to be more aware of the danger posed by lack of sleep or lack of quality sleep, since its impact is observed in all areas, from the emotional to the physical, including work.

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