Audios to combat insomnia: discover the binaural sounds to sleep well

Solving the problem of insomnia is of vital importance for all those people who see how their work performance decreases, how their quality of life worsens and how each night they spend without sleeping well, they are closer to suffering an emotional disorder. Without forgetting the conventional treatments to combat insomnia, we have found a very interesting audio method for insomnia based on binaural sounds.

What are binaural sounds

  • The audios with binaural sounds belong to that group of self-help audios that promote relaxation, but they have a special characteristic and that is that the binaural sounds recreate brain waves. To go from a state of activity or even stress to a deep and restful sleep, brain waves have to descend from a beta range to a delta range.
  • What the audios with binaural sounds do is recreate that relaxation process in our brain with sounds that lead us through the different frequencies of the brain waves until the moment we fall asleep and until that moment when we fall asleep. The results can be seen on the first night, although these audios should be used for a while until we manage to regulate the sleep cycle.

Sounds to sleep well

  • These audios with binaural sounds are effective not only to combat insomnia, but also to promote relaxation, concentration and even creativity. But if the binaural sounds audios are somewhat new to us, other types of audios specially designed to combat insomnia are not so new.
  • We already know the benefits of music therapy to improve our state of mind and to bring us to a state of tranquility and calm, something that is essential when going to sleep. Therefore, any audio with relaxation techniques, breathing exercises or meditation methods is appropriate to take us to bed, as long as we do it with headphones and in the dark.
  • Although it is true that we cannot leave a matter as complicated as insomnia in a single remedy such as audio. As important as looking for resources to help us relax is to be aware of the importance of following routines and sleeping habits. And it is that sleep hygiene should not be missing as the basis of any therapy against insomnia.

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