Insomnia due to stress: learn to organize yourself to sleep

Every day we have to face endless days full of obligations, tasks, errands, responsibilities, accumulated worries and rush that make us stressed people without a minute to dedicate to ourselves. However, we cannot live with stress for a long time without noticing its consequences in all areas. One of the consequences of stress is insomnia. So we are going to learn to organize ourselves to sleep.

Stress doesn’t let you sleep

  • Today’s society imposes a hectic pace that is difficult to bear without health consequences. Many of the cases of insomnia are generated by accumulated stress, to which it seems that we have become accustomed to living. And maybe we have gotten used to living with stress, but our body has not. And much less, our sleep cycle, which does not understand in a hurry.
  • We know that to avoid insomnia it is essential to reduce activity throughout the day, as well as to clear the mind to leave it free of worries. But the day-to-day reality makes it very difficult to put dream theory into practice. The working day is lengthened with complications, there are still many errands to do, shopping, children, dinner… it is difficult to slow down even a few minutes before going to sleep.
  • Perhaps we have become accustomed to accepting too many responsibilities, too many obligations that make 24 hours a day seem like an instant to be able to cover everything. This is how stress and insomnia problems arise and that is when we find ourselves locked in a vicious circle in which stress generates insomnia and insomnia generates more stress.

Avoid insomnia due to stress

  • It is this need to have everything under control and the impossibility of really achieving it is what generates the most stress. For this reason, avoiding insomnia due to stress involves learning to organizedelegate and relativize. It is essential to organize time, work and rest, separating each facet of our life, reserving different spaces for work, family, and social responsibilities and leaving gaps for the unforeseen.
  • But in our daily schedule there should be time for rest. The night’s rest, the restful sleep that will allow you to get up with enough strength to cover everything, is only achieved if you manage to relax before going to bed. Leave everything organized and planned for the next day and thus you will be able to sleep more peacefully without thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow.
  • To avoid this type of insomnia caused by stress, it would not hurt to learn to delegate. We may not be able to do everything ourselves, we may have to ask for help. In the same way, relativizing is also important to get to bed relaxed and calm. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t had time to clean the house or go to the dry cleaners or get work done, but make sure you’ve done the essentials.

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