Homeopathy for insomnia: restore the balance to sleep

Homeopathy is presented as one of the most widely used alternative therapies to combat insomnia problems. While the number of people who reject drugs and sleeping pills grows, homeopathy is experiencing its moment of glory in the fight against insomnia. We present you the homeopathic remedies that help you sleep better.

Homeopathy against insomnia

  • Insomnia problems produce an imbalance in our body that must be treated at the source. The sleep disorder may be linked to poor stress management, an anxiety problem, a depressive state or a traumatic experience. Or it may simply be that the habit of sleeping has been lost and our entire body suffers from the imbalance of not sleeping well. Homeopathy has a remedy for all these problems.
  • But it should be noted that homeopathy is not an exact science. His principle is that “like cures like” and that is what all his preparations are based on, which come with the endorsement of nature but not medical science. Ideology, leap of faith or one more alternative against insomnia, homeopathy can be recognized for its lack of side effects.
  • We want to try everything that can help us recover our rest and sleep well, so we do not doubt the benefits of homeopathy which, unlike other traditional drugs, does not cause dependency, daytime sleepiness, or contraindications, and it can also be used everyone regardless of their state of health. So what homeopathic remedies are there for insomnia?

Homeopathic remedies against insomnia

  • Coffee. It is the most indicated homeopathic remedy for cases of insomnia due to hyperactivity. If your mind does not stop working, you need a rest to sleep and the energy does not allow you to close your eyes, this is the remedy.
  • Cilium Phosphoric. It works for the opposite case, that is, if your insomnia is caused by mental exhaustion or decay. In addition, it is a very effective remedy against night terrors.
  • Chamomilla. This remedy is used to treat states of irritation or bad mood caused by insomnia. It is also indicated for childhood insomnia.
  • Belladonna. It is used for initial insomnia, that is, when you find it impossible to fall asleep, when you get into bed with an absolute need for sleep and cannot fall asleep.
  • Arsenic Album. It is a very effective remedy for insomnia that is accompanied by anxiety. Calms fear and nervousness, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Argentum Nitricum. If insomnia appears as a consequence of insecurity, concern about what awaits you or anticipatory anxiety, this homeopathic remedy may be the solution.

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