Home remedies to stop snoring

Snoring are manifestations that occur when we sleep. Specifically, they occur when the upper throat, uvula, palate, and tongue vibrate visibly against the ganglia and tonsils. The reasons why a woman can snore are multiple, the most frequent being overweight, allergies, excessive alcohol intake, constipation and tobacco. It is a problem that usually worries those girls who suffer from it a lot since it affects, especially, third parties. There are home remedies with which you can tackle this problem.

Relieve snoring with home remedies

  • A very effective home remedy to alleviate snoring is to gargle with mint before going to bed, especially if the abnormality is due to an allergy or constipation. We have to add a few drops of mint oil in a glass of cold water and, later, proceed to gargle. If we don’t have this substance at home, we can also do this trick with mint tea. To do this, we just have to make an infusion with a bag of these herbs and strain it before putting it in the mouth.
  • Another homemade alternative to eliminate snoring during a night’s rest is to make a saline solution by combining a cup of water at room temperature with half a tablespoon of salt and a little bicarbonate of sodaWith the resulting combination, we can apply small squirts of the liquid in the nose, which will help to uncover it and, by extension, prevent opening of the mouth and snoring.
  • One last home remedy to end snoring results in introducing fifty grams of rue into an opaque container and covering them with a small amount of olive oil. Once macerated for a period of two weeks, we can apply it by means of gentle massages directly in areas such as the bridge of the nose, the nape of the neck and the neck just before going to bed.

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