The insomnia of the 21st century, to blame for the crisis and new technologies

Using the Internet at night can cause insomnia. One of the most common customs in recent times is to enjoy the possibilities offered by the Internet until the last hours of the day, but this fact can be detrimental to our quality of life.

This is confirmed by the specialist Jesús Escribá, director of the Institute of Sleep Medicine, who warns of how harmful it is for our rest to use the mobile, laptop or tablets before going to bed.

Technological insomnia

  • Our dependence on these devices and the use of new communication technologies, such as social networks, causes a disconnection problem that leads to light sleep and abundant awakenings.
  • Doctor Escribá calls this new sleep disorder “technological insomnia “. He alludes to factors such as the luminescence of the screen as the origin of the inability to fall asleep, also mixed with “the need for a drug to sleep.”

Crisis and psychotropic drugs

  • In addition to the addiction to new technologies, the crisis situation that today’s society is experiencing and the abuse of psychotropic drugs are other causes of insomnia.
  • The specialist warns that sleep problems should often be treated with specialized doctors, instead of resorting to drug treatment. According to data from the Institute, sleep disorders have multiplied by 20 in recent times.

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