Put a solution to your partner’s snoring

A team of Spanish orthodontist specialists, led by Dr. Pedro Mayoral, has found the solution to annoying snoring. This team has developed a splint that improves breathing at night, as it prevents airway blockage and therefore snoring, as well as sleep apnea. This device, which is marketed as Dormouse, is intraoral and easy to adapt.According to Dr. Mayoral, “Laron not only solves the problem of snoring, but also provides a quality rest that will prevent those harmful consequences derived from snoring and sleep apnea”. Furthermore, he points out that this splint is effective in 9 out of 10 patients who use it.

Snoring, a serious problem to treat

  • Snoring is a problem that affects 45 percent of the adult population occasionally and at least 25 percent snore regularly. In the case of women, the number is reduced to 14 percent, although it must be taken into account that it continues to be a problem to be treated for which there are different solutions.

    Snoring and sleep apnea are problems derived from poor breathing during sleep and as such have certain harmful consequences for health. “The risk of suffering arterial hypertension ends up increasing, as well as aggravating a person’s cardiovascular risk,” warns Dr. Diego García-Borreguero, director of the Sleep Research Institute.

    Also, people who snore or have sleep apnea they are tired in the morning as a result of not having been able to rest well. According to García-Borreguero, “this will result in worse professional performance as well as increasing the probability of having a traffic accident by six compared to a driver who sleeps well.”

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