Sleeping problems? Tips to get sleep

More than once, since we are adults, we have invoked the God Morpheus to bring us sleep, we count sheep, we stay in the dark, we read a book… in short, what remedy has seemed pertinent to us in order to sleep, and nothing works.

  • No one can do without sleep. Almost a third of our existence is spent asleep, and although some think it is wasteful, a waste of time, in reality it is the essential recovery time to guarantee the replacement of energy and the correct functioning of the organism as a system.
  • Losing hours of sleep translates into a lack of strength, intellectual incoherence, decreased physical and mental performance, as well as more localized effects such as red eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, darkening of the area around the eyes and what in general we call “bad countenance”.
  • But although the average recommended by specialists is eight hours of sleep, it is true that each person has an individual biological clock that may require more or less rest time. Violating it leads to stress and other ills that can range from migraines to digestive disorders.

Tips to get sleep

If it is difficult for you to sleep, it would be convenient for you to accept the suggestions that specialists have given in this regard:

– Get your body used to a schedule, that is, try to always go to bed at the same time.
– Don’t set goals before bed.
– Don’t argue at night.
– Forget your problems and dislikes until the next day and if you can, throw them away.
– Avoid noise and lights in the room where you sleep.
– You sleep in a comfortable bed and with a pleasant atmosphere around you.

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