Acupuncture for insomnia: an ancient technique to sleep today

Sleep disorders affect an increasing number of people in a society in which we barely have time to sleep. Since not all sleep remedies have the same effect and it depends a lot on each person, we do not hesitate to search and find any treatment for insomnia that can work. One of the most effective alternative therapies and which also has the endorsement of the World Health Organization is acupuncture, which by pressing on certain points of the body manages to restore balance and health. In this way, acupuncture is presented as one of our best allies to combat insomnia.

The benefits of acupuncture for insomnia

  • Acupuncture has been around for a long time, and we are talking about millennia, proving itself to be one of the most effective alternative therapies to enjoy a quality of life. Its effectiveness against pain and numerous diseases is more than proven, but its main characteristic is to restore the flow of energy. This is something that can go a long way in treating insomnia.
  • Because by restoring the flow of energy, our body begins to function properly and the sleep cycle is also regulated. That is why acupuncture works for all types of insomnia, not only to help you fall asleep faster, but also to avoid nighttime awakenings and thus achieve an unbeatable quality of sleep.
  • Acupuncture increases blood flow and regulates the activity of the nervous system. It also favors the production of melatonin, that fundamental hormone to sleep well. The benefits of acupuncture are also observed when compared to other remedies against insomnia, since it has no side effects and few contraindications.

Acupuncture points for sleep

  • For the treatment of insomnia, acupuncture establishes the different key points where punctures are made in various parts of the body. There is a so-called “hypnotic” point located a little above the inside of the ankle, although in that area between the ankle and the heel, acupuncturists find several key points for sleeping.
  • The forearm, wrist and hand also have acupuncture points that achieve better sleep quality, in addition to auricular acupuncture, perfect for achieving a state of relaxation that invites you to sleep. We always warn, when we talk about health and quality of life problems, that we must put ourselves in the hands of professionals and that it is advisable to consult a doctor if what we want is to combine several treatments against insomnia.

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