Discover the benefits of Tai Chi for insomnia

We continue looking for all the remedies to sleep better, we continue in our battle against insomnia, which is nothing more than the fight to achieve better quality. Not all insomnia therapies, treatments, or remedies work the same for everyone, but we’ve found a very special alternative therapy that’s right for everyone. We talk about Tai Chi and its benefits for insomnia.

What is Tai Chi?

  • Tai Chi is actually a martial art. It is an ancient technique that consists of practicing low-impact exercise, with slow, smooth, rhythmic and relaxing movements.
  • Sometimes a harmonic dance, sometimes an exercise in balance, but always a gift for the body and mind. That is Tai Chi, which many define as moving meditation.
  • If we like Tai Chi it is because this practice combines many of the necessary elements to sleep well. Relaxation, meditation, physical exercise, and freedom from worries…in short, we are talking about finding balance, without the effort of practicing sports and with the advantage that everyone can do it regardless of their physical condition or age.
  • Among the benefits of Tai Chi, there is better sleep, but its practice is useful for many other ailments, such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, cardiovascular problems and some say that it is a good treatment for fibromyalgia.

Benefits of Tai Chi for insomnia

  • Sleep specialists recommend exercising a few hours before bed to relax our body. But not everyone is up for the task of exercising. For those people “allergic” to sport, Tai Chi is presented as the ideal solution, since it does not require physical effort and the benefits are the same as with regular physical exercise.
  • In addition, the practice of Tai Chi helps to free the mind from negative thoughts and worries, leading us more easily to that calm and positive state of mind that we need to sleep and rest. Some studies add to the benefits of Tai Chi a better quality of sleep, greater concentration and more vital energy.
  • As we associate these types of techniques that come from the East with spiritual gurus who are lazy, it should be noted that the practice of Tai Chi is already widespread in the social centers of any city. Accessible to everyone, it is especially recommended to treat insomnia in the elderly, who due to their physical limitations cannot practice other exercises.

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