Learn to meditate to combat insomnia

Most insomnia problems arise because we cannot disconnect from work, from worries, from responsibilities. Going to bed and thinking about what has happened throughout the day, fearing what will happen tomorrow and starting to obsess because another sleepless night is coming is the cocktail that insomnia needs.

But we have many resources at our disposal in the form of remedies or therapies to ward off that nervousness that prevents us from sleeping. The goal is to go to bed relaxed and that is something we can do with our own weapons. Meditation is used to reach within and take control of our thoughts. The key to sleep is within us and we find a perfect ally in meditation.

Meditation for insomnia

  • If we are interested in meditation to combat insomnia, it is because we think that it is an ideal technique to learn to focus and concentrate on what really interests us, which is sleeping. Through meditation we manage to free the mind of thoughts that prevent us from sleeping. Imagine what it would be like to get into bed and be able to activate a switch with which your mind would travel through placid, calm and pleasant places instead of feeling it full of nerves and worries.
  • It is true that through meditation we can control our thoughts, which is why it is presented as a very appropriate technique to also treat anxiety problems or even depression. And it is that meditation provides us with those minutes or moments that we need to make contact with our interior, to find that state of mind that we need and to be aware of our true situation.

Meditation exercises to sleep well

  • Contrary to general opinion, meditating is not an exclusive activity of enlightened minds, eccentric gurus, ascetics, or psychology experts. Meditating is available to everyone through simple exercises that, yes, require practice and perseverance. The first step in learning to meditate is to surround yourself with a calm environment. Make sure that no one bothers you in your moments of meditation, choose a quiet and pleasant place and wear comfortable clothes.
  • You are going to work your mind, you are going to take your thoughts to where you want to take them and for that there is nothing better than visualization. Helping you with deep breathing exercises, you begin to relax the muscles of your entire body. You can focus on just being aware of how you are relaxing or, on the contrary, you can visualize something specific and make it real in your mind.
  • The most classic exercise is to visualize a staircase and see yourself on it on the way to a place that provides you with peace. You can also concentrate on counting the steps and instead of forgetting about the problems, think about them in a positive way, repeating some kind of mantra like: “I’ll get it” or “tomorrow everything will be solved”.

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