Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber… They also suffer from insomnia

Celebrities have success, recognition and money, but they also have insomnia. Sleeping problems are not exclusive to poor mortals who must deal with a precarious job, surreal mortgages and a thousand outstanding bills. Celebrities also cry, they also worry, they also get nervous and they also suffer from insomnia.

Celebrities with insomnia

  • In the same way that there are many celebrities with anxiety, there are also those who have insomnia. Sleep disorders especially affect musical stars, due to the hectic pace imposed by tours and the lack of time control that concerts and performances entail. This is the case, for example, of the eccentric pop diva Lady Gaga, who attributes her insomnia problems to her hyperactive mind.
  • Another famous singer who has revealed her sleeping problems is Katy Perry, who is affected by jet lag, and the same thing happens to the controversial artist Miley CyrusAlso teen idol Justin Bieber suffers from insomnia due to the pressure of success. Coincidentally, these and many other artists have been related at some point to an unhealthy lifestyle or even directly to drug and alcohol use, which leads us to think that their sleep problems may not be caused by stress.

The reasons for insomnia in celebrities

  • There are other celebrities who have revealed to us that they suffer from insomnia and, furthermore, they know its cause. The reasons for insomnia in celebrities are the same as in the rest of anonymous mortals. Vampire-turned-actor Robert Pattinson couldn’t deal with his girlfriend’s infidelity and spent a long time having trouble sleeping.
  • One of our favorite singers, Enrique Iglesias, used his insomnia for inspiration on one of his albums, Insomniac, also acknowledging that he regularly needed sleeping pills. For his part, the attractive actor George Clooney also has trouble sleeping, and although he does not know the cause, he does confirm that one of his remedies to fall asleep is to go to bed with the TV on. We wait for the moment to tell Clooney that TV is not the best remedy for insomnia.

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