False myths about insomnia: our body gets used to sleeping less

Sleeping is as important as eating or drinking water, it is a basic human need. For this reason, we have to sleep 8 hours a day, in a bed that is comfortable for us and in an environment where it is possible to rest. Contrary to what is usually believed, thanks to the so-called popular wisdom, our body does not get used to less sleep. The organism needs 8 hours of sleep, if we do not comply with this, we will end up noticing it in our lives. When you feel like sleeping in the afternoon, or it’s hard for you to get up with vitality… It means that you’re not sleeping the necessary hours and, therefore, it’s taking its toll.

Our body does not get used to sleep less

  • In each stage of life there are a few hours marked for full rest. Babies may need 17 hours a day, children a total of 9 and in adolescence and adulthood we go to 8 hours. In old age what is needed is still what it is in adulthood, the problem is that older people only get about four hours of deep sleep, so it is very normal that after these hours they stay up late and rest worse.
  • On many occasions, we get used to sleeping less than necessary, not our body but we, and we don’t realize that there really is a problem. To realize what is happening we have to attend to certain aspects in our life that are signs of lack of sleepYou are not able to wake up on time without setting the alarm clock and you even turn it off repeatedly; you get sleepy after eating, when you relax on the sofa and if you don’t take a nap you are not a person; you use the weekends as an ally to recover hours of sleep. If all this happens to you in life there is usually a lack of sleep. It is true that there are people who like to sleep more than others, but that depends on personal taste. The basic need is to sleep and rest for 8 hours, less is an error.

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