Infusions to combat insomnia: discover the relaxing effect of plants

You cannot sleep. You have verified it several days ago, that you sleep fewer hours, that it takes you a long time to fall asleep and that you wake up at midnight completely awake. To combat insomnia it is necessary to find the origin or cause of that insomnia and then change certain habits that may be boycotting your sleep cycle. We have looked at infusions to sleep because it is one of those natural remedies that do not have side effects.

Infusions vs. sleeping pills

  • Logically, the effectiveness of an infusion to combat insomnia does not have the immediacy of sleeping pills. But it has no side effects either. Getting used to taking infusions to sleep is a good way to get used to looking for sleep, because many times it is our habits that cause insomnia. Perhaps it is not necessary to take sleeping pills, perhaps by simply replacing stimulating drinks from the afternoon onwards with relaxing infusions we are taking a big step towards sleeping well.
  • The day of any person, regardless of the work schedule they have, consists of a cycle of schedules. That cycle begins with restful sleep that gives us the rest we need to wake up and start our day with all the energy. It is when we wake up that we must be at maximum energy, something that we cannot achieve if we have insomnia.
  • As the hours progress, after the working hours come to an end, it is when we should start thinking about our rest, even though we still have many hours ahead of us and many obligations. But it is about gradually reducing the activity of the day. To achieve this, infusions are a good resource for our body to ask for relaxation and rest. After eating, we can forget about coffee and tea and replace them with a relaxing infusion.

Infusions to sleep

  • In addition to taking the infusions in the afternoon, we can end the day by taking an infusion that calls for sleep. If we also want to enjoy and make that moment an anti-insomnia ritual, we can choose infusions with a pleasant flavor and aroma such as lavender or orange blossom. Although the best-known sleep infusions are chamomile and lime blossom, there are endless plants that can help us sleep better.
  • Among the most effective infusions to sleep are valerian, but most people agree that its taste is not very pleasant and that is why it is more frequent to take valerian in pill form. As effective as valerian but with a flavor that is better accepted, we find the passion flower and poppy infusions. And if you are not afraid of breaking the scheme in terms of traditional infusions, lettuce is among the best sleep allies.

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