Tranquilizers for insomnia: sleeping pills vs. natural remedies

It may be that insomnia makes you nervous, that you haven’t slept for several nights and when it’s time to go to bed you can’t cope with your nerves, thinking that you’ll have another night without sleeping a wink. Or it may be that you are going through a period of anxiety that you are nervous because an important event is coming up and your nerves won’t let you sleep. It doesn’t matter if nerves are the cause or effect of your insomnia because, in any case, you’re going to need some tranquilizer to sleep.

Natural tranquilizers for sleep

  • Although the word tranquilizer sounds like sedatives, pills, hypnotics…in short, sleeping pills, there are many other tranquilizers that do not go through a pharmacy. They are natural tranquilizers, which can appear in the form of aromatherapy, color therapy, infusions, home remedies, and many other alternative tranquilizer options.
  • Infusions are the undisputed queens of tranquilizers for insomnia. On the market there are infusions of a mixture of plants that promote tranquility and call sleep. Among the most calming plants to take as an infusion are lime blossom, passion flower, lemon balm, poppy and lettuce.
  • For its part, valerian is preferable to take in pills due to its strong flavor, but in any case, it is a natural remedy and not a medicine. You can get other natural tranquilizers based on aromas, either by setting your bedroom, or by taking a bath or by applying a massage oil. For those cases, your best ally against insomnia will be lavender.

Tranquilizing sleeping pills

  • More severe or prolonged cases of insomnia may require more immediately effective tranquilizers than natural ones. We are talking about sleeping pills, hypnotics, anxiolytics, benzodiazepines or even antidepressants, which are also used in sleep disorders. All of these drugs have countless side effects and some are addictive, but their short-term efficacy is greater than that of natural tranquilizers.
  • Another pharmacological option in tranquilizers are sleeping pills that you can buy without a prescription. Advertising and your pharmacist will help you choose the best sleeping pill compound without a prescription, without side effects and without risk of dependency. In the same way, in the pharmacy you can also buy phototherapy products, based on the properties of plants, which will help you calm down.

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