The environment you need to combat insomnia

Avoiding insomnia involves being more aware of the sacredness of sleep, the importance of a good night’s sleep for our quality of life, and striving to achieve environmental and emotional conditions that predispose us to sleep. That is why it is so important to pay attention to what surrounds us, to the details and to the organization before going to sleep. Because environments can combat insomnia effectively.

Physical environment for good sleep

  • An investment of money is not necessary to create an environment that invites sleep, but rather an investment of time. Negative thoughts, nervousness or fears that prevent us from sleeping can be softened if we go to bed with the sensation of finding ourselves in a paradise of rest, with soft and warm colors that invite relationships, with comfortable textures and with a temperature pleasant.
  • The ideal bedroom should have the essential furniture, eliminating anything that is not necessary, as well as a discreet decoration that invites calm and does not accumulate dust. Because order and cleanliness will be essential to combat insomnia. Even more ideal would be if we could eliminate any noise from outside, although it is always a good setting idea to play some relaxing music before going to sleep and at the same time mitigate the noise.
  • This conducive environment for sleeping lacks the main tool to combat insomnia, which is aromatherapy. Although there are countless aromas that can help us sleep, nothing better than getting into bed with the cozy sensation of lavender, which we can put a few drops on the pillow to help relax.

Emotional environment for good sleep

  • And if the physical environment that surrounds us is important to sleep, so is the emotional environment. Getting ready to sleep is not something that we should do just when we go to bed, throughout the afternoon we should think about that restful rest, for which we must gradually reduce activity and energy.
  • Our goal is to sleep and to achieve this we must avoid arguments as a couple in the late afternoon, as well as coffee. Because relationship problems are one of the main causes of insomnia. If we can’t avoid arguing with our partner, we should at least go to bed with the problem resolved. What we need in the afternoon is a good atmosphere, relaxed and friendly.
  • Worries also come to alter that good emotional environment that we need to sleep. The different relaxation techniques, visualization or meditation can help us drive away negative thoughts, but to avoid nervousness, it is essential to leave everything organized for the next day. The last hour of the day is to be lived slowly and with a good atmosphere. We’ll take care of the problems tomorrow.

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