The higher the intelligence, the higher the risk of insomnia

When we treat insomnia problems, we always insist on the need to have a regular sleep schedule. Ideally, the day is for living and the night for sleeping, but many people are more active at night, which can cause insomnia problems. Some studies claim that people who are active at night are more intelligent.

Sleep and intelligence

  • It is not that we are so optimistic that we want to see the positive side of a problem such as insomnia. It is that some studies affirm that people with a higher intelligence quotient are more likely to suffer from insomnia since they are activated during the night hours.
  • It seems that in some people, the sleep cycle is linked to their cognitive ability and they stay up later to take advantage of the best hours of their intellectual performance. Being so that many people would prefer to perform the most intellectually hard tasks, when others sleep.
  • It’s not hard to imagine bright students studying late at night, artists bursting with late-night creativity, or writers imagining plots from bed. And it is true that the night encourages creativity and productivity, especially due to the absence of noise and distractions.

Risks of night activity

  • But we cannot forget the risks of changing the time of the biological clock. And it is that the circadian rhythm is the same for all people, regardless of their level of intelligence. The body requests a night’s rest naturally, it is not a matter of imposition of social schedules. The lack of daylight activates the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle.
  • That’s why, even if they are highly intelligent, people who do their most productive activities at night at the cost of a restful night’s sleep are more likely to suffer from emotional disorders such as depression or anxiety, in addition to the physical consequences of poor sleep.

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