10 tricks to avoid insomnia during a heat wave

Summer night. You lay on the bed ready to sleep. It has been a very tiring day and you are exhausted. You think it won’t take long for you to fall asleep. You stir between the sheets. You go round and round and round and round. You soon realize that you were wrong: no matter how defeated you are, your eyes don’t want to close, and they remain open like saucers. Damn insomnia! Why can’t I sleep? You ask yourself. Easy answer: the hellish summer heat is to blame. Yes, the heat wave makes sleeping a task only suitable for the bravest.

But do not worry! We have proposed to rescue you and below we bring you 10 tricks to avoid insomnia during a heat wave. Take advantage of the fact that you are awake to read them all and once you put them into practice, you will fall asleep like a baby. Notice: We are not responsible if you drool.

How to fall asleep in a summer heat wave 

Don’t let the heat drive you crazy. Get up, drink a glass of cool water and pay attention to the following tips:

Go to bed at the same time every day

Yes we know. In summer routines change, schedules are much less strict, it gets dark later, and you don’t feel like going to sleep so early… But none of these excuses are worth insomnia. The best thing is that you get used to going to bed at the same time every day (it is also recommended that you establish the same time to get up in the morning) since, in this way, the body regulates its sleep cycle and WOW! ! Surprisingly it won’t cost you anything to fall asleep. Insured!

Try to leave your room completely dark

With the heat that it is, you will think that it is much better to leave the blind up so that a little air enters. Mistake! Air? What air? The wind is conspicuous by its absence and it is best to leave your room completely dark to make it easier for your body to fall asleep. Another important trick: during the day, also lower the blinds in the hottest hours (you can leave the window and some cracks open) to prevent the sun’s rays from falling directly on your room and it heating up.

Drinking coffee: Strictly prohibited!

It seems something very obvious, but it is worth remembering that caffeine and thane are stimulating substances which cause insomnia. For this reason, it is not at all advisable to consume them during the hours before going to bed. Unless you want to spend the whole night jumping…

Sleep naked!

Yes, take off your clothes and set yourself free! Sleeping naked has many benefits and one of them is that it helps to fall asleep. Also, is there a way to be more comfortable in bed? Even so, if you don’t really like the idea, you can also bet on linen or silk garments that help to perspire better, do not squeeze and allow you to better cope with the heat.

Take a shower before going to sleep

A bath or shower before going to bed will help you fall more easily into the arms of Morpheus, especially during the tediously hot summer months. Of course: do not make the water too cold (although we know that with high temperatures it will be difficult for you not to fall into temptation) since in this way the body generates much more heat.

Run away from copious dinners

There is a premise that you should never skip: always have dinner two hours before going to sleep to avoid going to bed with a full belly and while you digest. Also, the last meal of the day should be light and not greasy. The best option for this time of year? A small salad or a cold soup such as salmorejo or gazpacho.

The mobile, the further away the better!

Did you know that sleeping with your mobile nearby is dangerous to your health? Also, it causes insomnia. It is best to leave your mobile, tablet and computer well away from your nightstand and avoid looking at social networks or browsing the Internet just before going to bed.

Put the sheets in the fridge

It may sound crazy to you, but it works! When all other tricks fail, this happens to be the best option. Take your sheets, put them in a plastic bag, put them in the fridge and take them out an hour before you go to sleep. You can also do the same with pajamas. You will thank us soon! : P

Don’t exercise before bed

Many people think that doing sports late in the day is the best, but they are wrong. Physical exercise releases endorphins and this makes it difficult to fall asleep, especially on very hot nights. If you want to exercise, do it in the morning or in the afternoon!

Fan come to me

Not everyone is lucky enough to have air conditioning at home, so if this device is beyond your budget, get a fan. The ultimate trick? Fill a bowl with salt and ice and place it right in front of the fan for a cool sea breeze effect. And to sleep!

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