Diet to combat insomnia: foods to sleep better

Fighting insomnia involves a series of strategies and behaviors throughout the day that prepare us to sleep. That is why it is important to pay attention to everything, such as the use of technology at the last minute, the consumption of tea or coffee, the time to practice physical exercise or the food we eat, especially during dinner. As food can help us sleep better, we present the anti-insomnia diet.

Foods to sleep

  • Many times we boycott our quality of life. Sometimes consciously and other times unknowingly, what we eat can increase our stress or, on the contrary, make us feel happier. The truth is that our diet greatly influences our state of health, our state of mind and also our way of sleeping. Almost everyone knows what are the enemies of sleep in our diet, that is, sugar, fats and stimulating drinks.
  • But few people know what the foods that can help us sleep better are. Foods to combat insomnia are those that contain or help the production of tryptophan and melatonin, two substances that, despite their exotic name, we need daily to feel more relaxed and to regulate the sleep cycle.
  • Among the foods that promote sleep are dairy products, bread, pasta, rice, oily fish, bananas, and green leafy vegetables, as well as some nuts, especially almonds and walnuts. For their part, cereals contain magnesium which is very effective as a muscle relaxant. Although the stars of the anti-insomnia diet are cherries and turkey.

The ideal dinner to sleep well

  • Although we must start taking the steps that prepare us for sleep when we wake up, it is in the afternoon when we must be more careful not to drink stimulating drinks such as coffee or tea, not to carry out activities that cause us anxiety, to go gradually reducing physical and mental effort and putting our body in “off” mode with a dinner to sleep.
  • Each person will have preferences and dietary needs, but if the goal is to sleep well, the best anti-insomnia dinner will consist of a whole wheat bread sandwich with turkey, tomato, and some green leaves. We can accompany it with a handful of nuts and cherries for dessert. If before going to sleep we drink a glass of milk with honey, our body will ask us to sleep peacefully.
  • It must be remembered that to combat insomnia, any dinner must be light but not scarce. When it comes to getting a restful sleep, it is as disastrous to go to bed with a full stomach as it is to go to bed hungry, because it can wake us up at midnight. And as a climax to our anti-insomnia ritual, nothing better than having a relaxing infusion.

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