Traditional Chinese medicine to combat insomnia

More and more people are faced with a sleep disorder that they do not know how to solve. The proposals of conventional medicine go most of the time through drugs and their result is not as expected. For this reason and because the number of people seeking not only to solve a specific problem but also to improve their quality of life is increasing, alternative therapies are breaking into treatments against insomnia with force. Discover traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia.

The basics of Chinese medicine

  • Chinese medicine consists of a variety of techniques that have been used for millennia to improve health and quality of life. Those who have tried it say that it works for all kinds of illnesses, including insomnia, and more and more people embrace this Chinese medicine because it is safer and has fewer side effects than conventional medicine.
  • The foundation of traditional Chinese medicine is balance and a holistic conception of the human being, where the body is a whole in which the disease is not considered isolated, but contextualized with the rest of the body. And that is what differentiates traditional Chinese medicine from conventional medicine, which is dedicated to treating the health problem independently of the rest of the body.

Chinese medicine for insomnia

  • Understanding that a health problem is the result of an imbalance in the body or an interruption in the flow of energy, the techniques used by Chinese medicine to treat the problem are varied and range from acupuncture to herbal remedies, through the massages.
  • And we are facing one of the most effective alternatives against insomnia, since sleeping problems almost never have a single physiological origin, but rather come from certain physical and emotional circumstances. If the best-known Chinese medicine treatment is acupuncture for insomnia and its effectiveness has been proven, we can also practice some exercises that help us sleep.
  • One of those exercises that Chinese medicine recommends to calm the mind and heart before going to sleep is to lie on your back with your knees bent. Bring the knees towards the chest and breathe maintaining that position for one minute. Next, the legs are stretched and the arms are left on both sides of the body.

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