Physical exercise to combat insomnia: not everything goes

As the number of people suffering from insomnia increases, some get stuck in totally uncertain maxims or popular beliefs. Surely you have heard more than once that to solve your insomnia problem you must go to bed tired and that is why it is highly recommended to practice physical exercise before going to sleep. Well, that is not so. To combat insomnia you must go to bed relaxed, not tired, much less exhausted.

Physical exercise to not sleep

  • Logically, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst enemies of sleep. In the same way that physical exercise provides us with a better quality of life and sleep. Starting from this base, it is totally recommended to practice physical exercise to combat insomnia, but we have some clarifications. Because not everything is worth it if what we want is to sleep well.
  • If you’re one of those who go for a run after the day is over or if you get on your requisite 45 minutes on the stationary bike after dinner, you will probably notice how your body activates at that moment. Physical exercise releases adrenaline, which is still a stimulant with which you feel more active, more energetic and… More awake. And that’s not the state you’re looking for right before sleep.
  • It does not matter if physical exercise puts you in a good mood, encourages you or makes you forget your worries, because what it is about is reducing activity throughout the day. It is about using all the vitality in the morning, reserving a little more for the afternoon and, little by little, turning off or disconnecting. Slowly, slowly, calmly.

Physical exercise to sleep

  • Therefore, if you are willing to use physical exercise as a sleep remedy, it is essential that you practice it at least two hours before going to bed. Relaxing your muscles with sports will surely help you sleep better, but remember that you should not go to bed tired, but rather liberated, free of burdens and negative thoughts.
  • Many people wonder if there is any exercise that helps us sleep well. The truth is that to combat insomnia, the time in which it is practiced is more important than the type of exercise. Any exercise is healthy, from running, swimming, biking or just walking. But practices like Yoga or Tai Chi are aimed at relaxing both the body and the mind, which can be a great option to sleep well.
  • And we cannot forget that exercise that we can practice whenever we want, preferably once we have already gone to bed, which is sex. Because with sex we get all the benefits of physical effort plus a feeling of well-being that can help us sleep more relaxed.

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