Drink alcohol to combat insomnia; a common mistake

We do not despise any remedy, treatment or therapy, however strange it may be if it helps us to combat insomnia. But it is convenient to eliminate certain myths around these home remedies for sleep. Surely more than once you have been advised to have a drink to sleep because alcohol supposedly induces sleep. However, alcohol is not the best remedy against insomnia.

Drink alcohol to sleep

  • There are those who have a glass of wine before going to sleep, there are those who drink several and there are those who have a few glasses and not exactly wine to sleep. And it is that they say that alcohol relaxes, that it is a good remedy to calm down and that it also induces sleep. Indeed, a certain drowsiness comes as a consequence of alcohol and in many cases, drinking a few drinks can make us fall asleep as soon as we close our eyes.
  • However, insomnia problems do not consist only in the fact that sleep does not arrive. Other types of insomnia include nighttime awakenings and poor quality sleep. It is precisely with regard to the quality of sleep where the risk of drinking alcohol comes into play. As much as alcohol can induce sleep, that sleep is not going to be restful, altering the sleep cycle and reducing its quality.

The relationship between alcohol and insomnia

  • Definitely, alcohol is not the best remedy for sleep. Quite the contrary, since by breaking the sleep cycle and not reaching the deepest phases of sleep, it can aggravate an insomnia problem. In the same way, alcohol can favor the appearance of sleep apnea as well as worsen annoying snoring.
  • Alcohol and insomnia have always maintained a close love-hate relationship. I drink alcohol to sleep, but I sleep badly because of the alcohol. The tiredness, fatigue and mental confusion produced by a season of insomnia do not seem to find a good friend in alcohol, which only aggravates the problem.
  • When we are faced with a problem of insomnia, alcohol should be taken with the same precaution as coffee and other exciting drinks that is, totally prohibited after six in the evening. If what we are looking for with a drink before going to sleep is to relax, we will achieve the same and much healthier effect with an infusion to sleep.

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