The impact of insomnia on the world: reflections for not sleeping

According to the World Health Organization, 40% of the world’s population suffers from a sleep disorder. Looking at this figure from another point of view, a third of the population has trouble sleeping. There are some alarming data, some data to not sleep and that are also increasing, because we are very far from solving the problems of insomnia.

We sleep worse and worse

  • It seems that every time we sleep less and sleep worse. This is not a geographically localized problem, but a global issue. Even in the Third World there is an increase in cases of insomnia. Why don’t we sleep? It could be said that insomnia has become one of the great successes of globalization, if it were not for the serious consequences that derive from poor sleep.
  • That our quality of sleep has been reduced is more than evident. The reasons are not so much. And it is that enemies of sleep we find everywhere, such as stress, anxiety or certain emotional disorders, so frequent in this society in which an accelerated pace is imposed on us without time to find answers.
  • Modern times seem marked by problems of insomnia, by rushing, by lack of time, by excessive responsibilities, by pressure, by competitiveness and, as if that were not enough, here are the new technologies to get into bed with us and not let us sleep. Insomnia seems like a distressing problem with no solution, but the truth is that insomnia has a cure.

Demonize sleep

  • The treatment that has been given to sleep in recent decades never ceases to amaze us. Sleeping little is a symbol of competitiveness, efficiency, effort, activity, restlessness, while sleeping well is associated with lazy people, little resolved and with little desire to live. Good sleep has been demonized in favor of confused minds that remain active throughout the day, even at the cost of that activity ending up taking its toll.
  • It turns out that the reality is quite the opposite. It turns out that a person who sleeps the hours they need, who also sleeps well and who scrupulously reserves time to sleep and rest becomes a more efficient person, with more ability to concentrate and solve problems, with better health and, above all, everything, in a happier person.
  • The fact that more and more people around the world suffer from insomnia problems cannot make us believe that it is an inevitable disorder. Insomnia is not inevitable and we will look for any remedy to sleep. Because what is inevitable is the need for a restful sleep every night.

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