Odors against insomnia: aromas that help you sleep well

Often we do not give smell the attention it deserves. But the truth is that the smells that surround us influence a lot at bedtime. There are aromas that can favor insomnia problems, such as the smell of the pipes in the house, sheets that are not clean or even the body odor of our bed partner if it is not pleasant. However, there are other odors against insomnia that help us sleep well.

Aromatherapy against insomnia

  • Aromatherapy uses the smell of plants and flowers to achieve the well-being of its patients. In the case of suffering from insomnia, a good aroma in the bedroom is essential to sleep well and contributes to better sleep hygiene.
  • Some experts say that the effect of aromas can be more effective than sleeping pills. In any case, it is a more natural and healthy remedy.

How to use scents to sleep better

There are different ways to get all the benefits of aromatherapy. If you learn to distinguish which are the plants that help you the most on each occasion, you will be able to benefit a lot from their fragrances.

Among the advantages of aromatherapy is greater physical and mental well-being, easier relaxation, making your environment even more pleasant, getting a restful sleep, etc?

But what is an aromatherapy session like? There are different techniques to impregnate you with the aromas of plants. You can try several to find out which one is most comfortable for you.

The inhalation of aromas

  • It can be done by diffusers or steam. To do this, you just have to put a few drops of essential oil in a bowl of hot water. There are people who prefer to impregnate a handkerchief with the aroma and then breathe in its aroma.

Aromatherapy baths

  • If you want to relax and, at the same time, benefit from the smells against insomnia, prepare yourself a good scented bath. To do this, you only have to put a few drops of an essential oil in the water in which you will enter.


  • Some professionals recommend poultices, which are pastes on small towels that are placed in contact with the skin.

Aromatherapy massages

  • One of the best techniques to impregnate yourself with odors against insomnia are massages. Appropriate products that can be applied to the skin should be used.

The best scents against insomnia

To end insomnia, get hold of the following essential oils.

Lavender to improve sleep

The scents preferred by sleep experts are lavender, whose effects are aimed at improving the quality of sleep, sleeping more deeply and without interruptions.

Jasmine also has relaxing properties for a more restful sleep.

Sandalwood against anxiety

For its part, the smell of sandalwood in the room is perfect for those who suffer from insomnia due to anxiety, while that of rose favors relaxation through an improvement in mood. It can be found mixed with Hierbaluisa, which makes it a very appropriate composition to have a good rest.

Sleep well thanks to orange blossom

And the aroma of orange blossom, which both day and night, provides a great feeling of well-being. It will help you create a much more pleasant environment in which it will cost you less to sleep well.

Tangerine for insomnia

If you suffer from temporary insomnia and find it difficult to sleep when your head is full of worries, you need to get a tangerine essential oil. This will help you disconnect from problems and relax before going to sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in the evening.

Valerian essential oil

It is well known that valerian is one of the plants that most help to rest. Some people take it as an infusion before going to sleep to rest better, but it is also possible to use it in essential oil format. This will certainly help you sleep well at night.

Scents to not sleep

  • The truth is that sleep can be affected by a large number of external factors and one of them is the smell. If you have ever forgotten to ventilate the bedroom, you will have seen how when you get into bed you feel nervous, you start to spin, you are uncomfortable and you don’t really know why. Until you realize that your bedroom doesn’t smell fresh, as usual.
  • Among the most common odors that are enemies of sleep are that of pipes, the smell of paint, humidity or even body odor. Also, if in summer you usually sleep with the window open, the different smells coming from the street may wake you up at midnight.

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