Sleep makes us lose weight

Can you imagine that after so much sacrifice dieting and exercising in a gym, someone discovered that the most effective method to lose weight was to sleep? Well, some specialists affirm that sleeping correctly, that is, enough hours and achieving a state of deep sleep, helps control appetite and accelerates metabolism.

Burn fat sleeping

  • The point is that in seven hours -minimum recommended time- of deep and restful sleep, our body experiences changes similar to those that happen when we do some type of exercise, an action that contributes to burning fats because it increases the production of growth hormone, the same one that has an anti-aging effect.
  • Of course, it is not about sleeping all day, the sleep that has this effect is the night that has been preceded by a day of more or less intense daily activities after which a restful rest is imposed.
  • Another important detail is that our daily routine must also be complemented with an adequate diet, abundant in fruits and vegetables, especially at dinner time, when carbohydrates and sugar-rich dishes should be avoided.
  • Finally, go to bed when you are already sleepy and not looking for it. It is beneficial to get used to always sleeping at the same time, this habit will make it easier for you to fall asleep and it will free you from annoying and harmful insomnia.

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