Insomnia and computer: a safe bet to not sleep

The computer, the same as the smartphone, is almost an extension of our body. We use the computer to work, to have fun, to watch movies and to chat and entertain ourselves on social networks. All these activities that make us feel so good are better to put aside late at night, because if we take the computer to bed, it is a safe bet to suffer from insomnia.

What is technological insomnia

  • They call it technological insomnia and it refers to sleep disorders caused by the use of computers, televisions and mobile phones while already in bed. The computer makes us delay the time to go to sleep. How many times have we stayed in bed chatting with the laptop or tablet until the “so many”? Less sleep means less rest, but also worse sleep quality.
  • The lighting on the computer screen is not the most suitable for calling to sleep, not to mention the activities we carry out on it, which if it is not finishing a project, is chatting with friends or directly gossiping on Facebook. All these activities generate stress that will prevent us from sleeping well. As much as times are changing, as much as we have to adapt to new technologies, we will continue to need the same hours of sleep.
  • And if there is something that does not change if we want to combat insomnia, it is that it is necessary to reduce activity throughout the day to prepare ourselves to sleep. Reduce activity, reduce energy or reduce stimuli, call it what you want, but it is something that must be done gradually throughout the day to guarantee the sleep cycle.

Computer to not sleep

  • We can’t pretend to sleep if we take the computer to bed to finish the backlog, because that way we can’t disconnect and think about the only thing we have to think about at certain hours, which is to rest. If it is already difficult to get our worries out of bed, it will be impossible if we take the computer with us and continue thinking about work.
  • Just like we won’t be able to sleep after having been chatting with a super interesting guy we just met on the internet because, of course, we’ll have to tell a friend immediately. It is something that cannot wait for tomorrow. And at the same time we are organizing Sunday lunch with our sisters. Perhaps the bed is not the most appropriate place to organize or manage anything.
  • Sleep health experts recommend disconnecting from any technological device at least an hour before going to bed. Difficult? It is more difficult to face an intense day of work totally exhausted from not having slept a wink.

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