Natural remedies for insomnia: plants that help you sleep well

Only people who suffer from insomnia, whether occasional or chronic, know how helpless it feels to face another night of sleeplessness. When insomnia becomes habitual, it is best to see a doctor, but while we look for the most appropriate treatment we can make use of plants that help us sleep well. Natural remedies for insomnia are still a good treatment alternative that has no side effects.

Plants to sleep well

  • Valerian. The sedative and relaxing properties of Valerie help to fall asleep. It is the most widely used natural tranquilizer and is especially indicated for insomnia. Also, if insomnia is caused by an anxiety disorder, valerian is the ideal remedy to combat both nervousness and anguish.
  • Lavender. Although it can also be taken as an infusion, the relaxing effects of lavender are best appreciated in aromatherapy. A few drops of lavender essential oil in the room before going to bed will help us fall asleep.
  • Linden. It is a relaxing plant that helps fight insomnia. It is preferable to take it during the day, thus preparing our body for bedtime. In addition to improving the quality of sleep, it relieves muscular tension so characteristic when we have not rested for a few days.
  • Lettuce. Although we are used to associating lettuce with salads, it can also be prepared as an infusion, with very effective results in combating insomnia and nervousness. Lettuce infusion has sedative properties and can also relieve pain related to insomnia, such as headaches or muscle pain.
  • Orange tree. The orange flower is one of the most used resources to combat insomnia caused by stress. Both in infusion and aromatherapy, it is a very effective remedy as a sleep inducer, as well as having anxiolytic properties.
  • Kava Kava. Kava kava is a plant native to Polynesia that uses the infusion of its dried roots to achieve a deeper and better quality sleep. In addition, it relieves anxiety disorders and improves a bad mood.

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