Severe insomnia: how to overcome the most severe insomnia

There are people for whom bedtime is a kind of Russian roulette in which they do not know if they will have to sleep or stay awake. Others, on the other hand, have their luck cast and tonight they will not sleep, like the rest of the previous nights for some time now. Sleep disorders show us their worst side with severe insomnia.

What is severe insomnia

  • Sleep specialists establish the classification of insomnia according to various criteria. It can be done according to the amount of sleep, according to the duration of the problem or according to the severity of the consequences. In this way, depending on the consequences, we could be facing mild insomnia, moderate insomnia or severe insomnia.
  • In general, severe insomnia is assimilated to chronic insomnia, if we look at the duration of the problem. But what really characterizes severe insomnia is the wear and tear on physical and mental health that occurs after spending a long time without sleep.
  • We have already talked many times about the consequences of not sleeping well, which can range from a lack of concentration after a bad night to social isolation when it comes to chronic insomnia or severe insomnia. Therefore, we are facing the worst face of insomnia that can put our health at serious risk.

Treatment of severe insomnia

  • Among the consequences of severe insomnia are chronic fatigue, irritability, anguish, nervousness, headaches, deterioration of the immune system and general health, and a serious risk of depression. It is not difficult to guess that undiagnosed severe insomnia can destroy a person’s life.
  • But severe insomnia is also cured, like any other type of insomnia. There is no ideal treatment to overcome severe insomnia, but several, since the best way to deal with this sleep disorder is to combine several treatments, including pharmacological and psychological treatment, with behavioral therapy capable of transforming behaviors that sabotage sleep.
  • In any case, for any type of insomnia, correct sleep hygiene is necessary. Because sleeping well is not a gift given by the gods, that some receive and others do not; we can all learn to sleep well, as long as we follow a sleep routine and respect our body’s signals.

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