The dreaded Sunday night insomnia

One of the reasons why Monday is considered the worst day of the week is because we are more sleepy than usual. It seems that Sunday night is more than frequent to spend it in white, sleeping little and badly. Although it is not a sleep disorder as such, this Sunday insomnia affects a large number of people.

Causes of insomnia on Sunday

  • Starting the week tired, yawning and not having been able to fall asleep at night, is not the best way to start a brand new week. That is why we tend to demonize Mondays as the most disastrous day of the week. And all because we have not slept well. It is a more than frequent situation that presents few solutions.
  • The causes of this insomnia on Sunday are several. The main reason is the break in the sleep cycle during the weekend. On Saturdays and Sundays we generally take the opportunity to stay in bed later, in addition to staying up late on Fridays and Saturdays. In this way, we break our usual sleep cycle and our biological clock begins to get confused.
  • But the rupture of the sleep cycle is not the only cause of this insomnia on Sunday. The stress generated by starting a new work week, the nerves of facing an unsafe work environment or some disorganization that we may cause prevent us from falling asleep on Sunday night. And it is that the concerns about what awaits us this new week do not let us sleep.

Solutions to Sunday insomnia

  • It is a very typical scene. On Sunday night we go to bed to think about what we have done during the weekend and what we will do during the week. No matter how much we tell our body that we have to get up early tomorrow, our brain does not stop and is not willing to let us sleep. Unfortunately, the solution is not easy at all.
  • And it is that to avoid insomnia on Sunday night we should continue with our daily routine, go to bed and get up at the same time, for which great willpower is needed. How to give up sleeping for another hour? How to give up not setting the dreaded alarm clock? But the truth is that we have broken the cycle of sleep.
  • This Sunday insomnia that turns us into a kind of zombie on Monday mornings seems inevitable. If we don’t have trouble sleeping the rest of the week, the issue is nothing more than surviving Monday as best we can and resting that same night. But if we suffer from insomnia regularly, we should take this break in the sleep cycle on the weekend more seriously and give it up.

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