Relaxing bath against insomnia; a gift for your well-being

Taking a bath to combat insomnia may not be the most ecological option, but it is the most pleasant. So since we do not want to skimp on resources, remedies, therapies or treatments against insomnia, we are going to take the perfect bath to sleep well. And to relax, and to feel happy, and to rest. And because we deserve it.

The perfect bathroom to sleep well

  • A relaxing bath is one of those pleasures that we can add to our own sleeping ritual, like reading a few chapters of a book or drinking an infusion to sleep by candlelight. Precisely aromatic candles we can use to set the scene for that bathroom that will transport us to the calm of a long and deep sleep. And depending on the need for peace of mind, we are going to think about whether to let our partner in or take a bath by ourselves.
  • In order for the bath to be as relaxing as possible, so that you can free your mind from worries, it is better that you postpone it until the last minute, when you have everything ready and organized for the next day, when you no longer have obligations and responsibilities for achieve. Your bathroom and you in perfect communion to recover the calm you need to sleep. Thus, fill your bathtub with water making sure it is not too hot.
  • You can take advantage of this moment of relaxation to listen to your favorite music or some audio for insomnia, with binaural sounds or calm music. Turn to aromatherapy to make your bath perfect, adding a few drops of essential oils to the water, in this case, tangerine, sandalwood, bergamot or lavender.

How to make your own bath salts at home

  • It is always a good idea to add bath salts to the water you are preparing and thus you will achieve maximum hydration, as well as relaxation. A luxury that you do not have to buy, since we have the recipe to make homemade bath salts. And the best thing is that you only need sea salt and essential oil. Pay attention to the recipe.
  • With half a kilo of coarse sea salt you will have more than enough for a few baths. Put the salt in a glass container with a lid, which you can later decorate to your liking, and add about 20 drops of the essential oil that you like the most, for example, lavender. Mix it or shake it well and you already have your bath salts ready to use when you need it. If you also add a few drops of coloring and some dried flower petals, you also have a perfect detail to give away.

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