The ideal bedroom for a good night’s sleep: don’t let insomnia go to bed with you

The ideal bedroom to sleep well has to invite you to sleep. Fighting insomnia requires a series of guidelines and routines aimed at achieving a more restful and longer-lasting sleep, and for this the place we choose to sleep is essential. Because the bedroom is for sleeping, we cannot turn it into a multifunctional place to watch TV, work or chat on the mobile. If you want to sleep well, this is the ideal bedroom. 

The ideal bedroom to sleep well

  • The bedroom must have basic furniture. The bed, a nightstand, a chair and the wardrobe are more than enough furniture. You don’t need more because you go to the bedroom to sleep.
  • Much has been said about the ideal orientation for the bed. Actually, it is a question that depends on each person, but what we all need to sleep well is a comfortable mattress and pillow.
  • The principles of chromo therapy are based on the influence of colors on the mood. The colors that help you fight insomnia are always soft colors, both on the walls, as well as on the furniture and bedding.
  • The bedroom must be ventilated every day to renew the air and the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 18º and 22º. Hotter or colder can make sleeping difficult.
  • Many insomnia problems are caused by excessive noise. If this is the case of your bedroom, consider isolating it. And always sleep in the dark, without being bothered by sunlight.
  • The television, the computer or the work folders do not have to enter the bedroom, since they are one of the worst enemies of sleep.
  • The decoration of the bedroom should not be excessive. As in the case of colors, too many decorative objects can affect the quality of sleep. If you want to put paintings or photographs, try to evoke pleasant and relaxing sensations.
  • Your bedroom is the ideal place to resort to aromatherapy. Getting into bed between lavender -scented sheets is a good way to call sleep.
  • Order and cleanliness should be mandatory in the ideal bedroom to sleep well. And make sure that the bed is not under a window.
  • An option to avoid insomnia and at the same time find emotional balance is to have a bedroom following the principles of Feng-Shun.
  • The alarm clock is only for waking up, not for sleeping. Turn it over when you go to bed so you don’t see how many hours of sleep you have left. This way you will avoid getting more nervous if you cannot sleep.

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