Do anti insomnia patches work?

Insomnia problems are becoming more frequent and more and more people are looking for more natural alternatives to the classic sleeping pills. Patches against insomnia that help us sleep better have been on the market for some time now. In full swing of the patches to treat different health problems, the sleeping patches appear.

Sleeping patches

  • Today we find patches for everything, nicotine patches to quit smoking, patches to give you more energy, nerve patches, contraceptive patches, anti-aging patches, hangover patches, pain patches… could not be missing in this world of patches the patches to sleep well. A most interesting alternative to achieve a night’s rest and recover the sleep cycle.
  • These insomnia patches are a breakthrough in insomnia treatments, as they are a more natural alternative to sleeping pills. According to studies carried out by the pharmaceutical companies that market them, the patches are 88% effective and their effects are observed up to a year after the end of the treatment.
  • These anti-insomnia patches have no side effects on health, since they do not release any type of substance in the body, but rather their operation is based on the principles of acupuncture. The patch presses the appropriate point to relax and induce restful sleep, a point that is indicated on the packaging.
  • Since it is based on acupuncture, these sleeping patches are part of the natural therapies to combat insomnia and do not seem to have contraindications. In any case, before using any kind of sleep remedy, no matter how natural it may be, you should consult your family doctor.

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