Insomnia increases the risk of having a stroke

Suffering from insomnia does not only mean not resting, not performing at work and spending the day in a bad mood. The consequences of sleep disorders can include serious health problems. Among the many consequences of poor sleep, we are concerned about the increased risk of suffering a stroke. Find out how insomnia affects your health.

Insomnia and stroke

  • The risk of suffering a stroke increases considerably in those people who suffer from insomnia in their youth or in their adult life. It seems that the effects of not sleeping well are noticeable at the level of cerebrovascular health, a risk that increases if, in addition to insomnia, the person suffers from hypertension and high cholesterol. There are many people who recover from stroke, but there are also many who have a stroke that causes sequelae that reduce their quality of life.
  • That is why we are concerned about this relationship between insomnia and brain accidents. Because many people do not give enough importance to sleep disorders, because they are resigned to sleeping badly due to stress or worries, and they forget that perhaps insomnia only aggravates their situation with the addition of a sleep problem. Serious health.

What is a stroke

  • A stroke is the interruption of blood flow to some part of the brain. When blood flow stops, the brain does not receive oxygen and brain cells can die. Hence, many people come out of a stroke with some of their abilities reduced. Logically, the outcome of a stroke will depend on how quickly it is treated or how long the interruption of blood flow has lasted.
  • The consequences of this type of accident can be negligible, but they can also cause death. And insomnia is one of those risk factors that can lead to a stroke, along with being overweight, smoking or alcohol. A risk that we can reduce with healthy lifestyle habits and looking for a treatment for insomnia as soon as possible.

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