Insomnia in women

It seems one of the most democratic disorders out there, because insomnia problems affect babies, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly; it is also a globalized evil, which we find in the first world and in less developed countries. Yes, insomnia affects everyone, but he seems to have a clear preference for women.

Insomnia in women

  • Women are the main ones affected by insomnia problems and it is not something in which their biological characteristics have to do, but rather it is a sociocultural matter. Why do women suffer more from insomnia than men? The answer is much simpler than the solution: due to pressure. The social pressure to which women are subjected is undeniable.
  • Today imposes a hectic pace of life for women, for men and even for children of school age. It is a rhythm that favors the appearance of sleeping problems, as well as emotional disorders and stress. But it is women who bear the greatest burden of responsibility. Woman, professional, mother, wife, friend and daughter, are the main functions that a woman has to perform throughout a day that only has 24 hours.
  • Sleep specialists recommend that to avoid insomnia you have to slow down as the afternoon progresses. Children can do it, the elderly can do it, and most men can do it. But the vast majority of women cannot afford to slow down due to lack of time. They cannot neglect their family obligations no matter how close it is to bedtime.

Solve the problem of insomnia in women

  • There is no remedy for millions of women around the world to sleep well again and recover their quality of life. If insomnia treatments require attention to detail, in the case of women we are facing a more complicated problem. The myth of the superwoman is a covert form of exploitation in personal and professional achievement. The goal is not to be a superwoman, but a happy woman.
  • That is why women should begin to review positions in their priorities. Do you prefer to prepare a succulent dinner or do you prefer to eat a light sandwich and thus have more time to rest? The answer seems obvious, but not all of them are capable of rearranging priorities, especially if they are the ones in charge of the well-being of their entire family.

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