10 tricks to combat insomnia

Overcoming insomnia involves standing up to all those enemies of sleep with perseverance and patience. It’s not easy to get back into the habit of sleeping well, which is why many insomnia problems require medical treatment. But we can always resort to some tricks to sleep better.

10 tips to sleep better

  1. Schedule. The most important advice to combat insomnia has to do with schedules. It is essential to follow a regular timefor going to bed and getting up, including weekends. The purpose is to accustom the body to recognize by itself that it is time to sleep.
  2. Environment. The environment is essential for a good quality of sleep. We should surround ourselves with things that inspire calm, such as warm colors or relaxing aromas. The layout and decoration of the bedroomare other factors to take into account, as well as noise from outside and the temperature.
  3. Ritual. We often talk about the need for proper sleep hygieneto beat insomnia, and that includes creating our own sleeping rituals. Routines to follow every night before going to bed that vary according to the needs of each person but that always have the same objective: prepare to sleep.
  4. off mode. As a switch, as bedtime approaches, we must deactivate ourselves, gradually reduce activity, reserving tasks that require less effort and less concentration for the last hour of the afternoon. In the same way, as the day progresses, we must find more moments to be paused.
  5. Disconnect. It is not the same to stop running doing errands, cleaning, having dinner, etc. what to disconnect Many times we manage to deactivate physically but not mentally. It is what is known as disconnecting from problems, from work, from worries, from responsibilities and letting our mind go to quiet places.
  6. Relaxing bath. We have appropriated the relaxing bathas one of the best tricks for insomnia, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because we find it a real pleasure to immerse ourselves in a bathtub of foamy water with aromas of lavender or orange blossom.
  7. Infusions. Forgetting coffee after five in the afternoon is not the only thing we can do to call sleep. Throughout the afternoon we can drink delicious relaxing teas sweetened with honey. Quite a pleasure with which it will not be difficult for us to replace coffee, tea, soft drinks or even cocoa.
  8. Light dinner. Diet is a determining factor for insomnia. Almost everyone knows that excessive dinner can impair sleep, but few people know that there are foods that promote sleep. Turkey is the star food for a sleepless night, without forgetting the classic grandmother’s remedy of a glass of milk with honey before going to bed.
  9. Goodbye technology. Among the enemies of sleep we find all those technological devices that are essential to us today. In addition to the television, the computer and, especially, the mobile phone with endless late-night chats, should be kept out of the bedroom.
  10. Concentration. All ready to go to bed. But something essential is missing, which is concentration. Once in bed we will concentrate on our objective, which is to sleep and rest, for which we can help ourselves with relaxation techniquesand breathing exercises.

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