Worries that keep sleep away and anti-insomnia thoughts

He goes to bed to sleep. This is how forceful the sleep specialists are who affirm that to avoid insomnia problems we must go to bed with a single thought in our heads: sleep. Logically it is not so easy to put aside worries, pending issues, discussions, plans or dreams, but they assure us that it is possible. Do you know how to encourage anti insomnia thoughts?

Thoughts to not sleep

  • You no longer know what to do to mislead insomnia. You follow scrupulous sleep hygiene and even have your own ritual before going to bed. But you get into bed, turn off the light, close your eyes and you can’t help but think about your daily worries. In your mind the thoughts crowd and start their particular night party.
  • The day that awaits you tomorrow at the office, if you have told your sister to go pick up the children, the appointment with the gynecologist, go to the bank, how messy the house is, the discussion with your husband has not yet It’s resolved, how few hours you have left until the alarm goes off, surely you won’t sleep tonight either. Indeed, surely you do not sleep. Because your thoughts are leading you to a sleepless night.
  • It seems inevitable, but it is not. You can completely transform all those thoughts that won’t let you sleep, although it takes practice and patience. But you have nothing to lose by trying, you were going to stay up anyway, so you can only gain a few hours of rest.

Thoughts to sleep

  • In order to transform your worries that do not let you sleep into anti-insomnia thoughts, you can resort to cognitive therapy, which teaches you to transform your behavior to take control of your mind. But while psychological therapy takes effect, you can do some exercises on your own.
  • The first thing is to relax. When you get into bed, eliminate noise and light and find a comfortable position. Although the television should be outside the bedroom, you can take an imaginary remote control to bed with you, because you will need it to change the programming that is in your head. Close your eyes and try to sleep. You cannot? Because thoughts crowd your mind.
  • Isolate each of those thoughts or worries, visualize the situation, and point your remote control. Now change the channel, turn off that thought or cover it with another more pleasant one that calms you down. Seek that this negative thought is canceled by another more pleasant one but that does not include activity. Your sleeping thoughts should be relaxed and calm.

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