Tea for insomnia: is any infusion good for a good night’s sleep?

Insomnia is one of the great evils of modern society. It seems that we have lost the ability to sleep well, that we have unlearned what we knew how to do so well since we were babies, which is to sleep and rest. But it turns out that there are many more things that we are unlearning in relation to insomnia. At least there is a lot of confusion regarding home remedies to sleep well. We talk about the error that surrounds tea and infusions.

Why do they call it tea when they mean infusion?

  • It is a very common mistake. Many people call any infusion tea and that is why they consider this drink a good remedy against insomnia. Indeed, some plants in the form of infusion can help us sleep better, but tea is not one of them. Quite the contrary, tea is as stimulating a drink as coffee, so if we want to combat insomnia we should forget about tea after 5 in the afternoon.
  • Many times we hear and read things like chamomile tea, lemon balm tea or lavender tea, all of them as effective remedies to sleep better. However, we ran into an error. Either it is tea or it is chamomile, in which case we would be facing a chamomile infusion. It is convenient to make this clear, not because we are picky, but because many people drink a cup of tea just before bed, believing that it is good for fighting insomnia.

Tea is not for sleep

  • Although a cup of tea is in any case comforting and many people take it for harmless because it is an infusion, tea contains thane, which is a substance as stimulating as caffeine. So it is definitely not among the recommended drinks or infusions to sleep well. That does not mean that we cannot benefit from the properties of the tea throughout the morning.
  • For many people it is still strange, but more and more people are aiming for tea as a more urgent need than coffee. Therefore, if you are one of those who cannot do without your cup of tea and you have trouble sleeping, you should know that the tea that contains the least amount of protein is white teaSimilarly, a cup of red tea contains half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, and one option to consider is de-stein tea.

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