The effects of insomnia on women’s health

A continuous problem of insomnia brings very harmful consequences for the health of women. Many scientists, with years of studies of women’s sleep, have identified that female sleep disturbances have some causes other than insomnia problems in men. If you suffer from insomnia problems, it is best to seek a specialist before the problem worsens.

Symptoms of health problems in women caused by insomnia

  • Not sleeping makes you fat. Women who do not sleep increase the production of ghrelin, a hormone that increases the desire to eat, and decreases leptin, which produces a feeling of satiety.
  • When we don’t sleep well, a woman’s brain activity is altered, you notice a deterioration in memory and you begin to have problems concentrating at work, to read a book to the end or watch a movie.
  • The skin of the woman who does not sleep well loses shine, becoming more opaque. Dark circles and red eyes are trademarks of female insomnia
  • Insomnia causes sexual dysfunction. Tiredness is the enemy of sex.
  • If you have bad nights it is normal that you start to have fatigue and sleepiness during the day.
  • A woman who sleeps little has much more irritability, sudden mood swings and is more exposed to depression.
  • Our motor response begins to slow down with insomnia problems. We take longer to react to a stimulus. Beware of traffic, a woman who sleeps badly is a bad driver.
  • Insomnia can cause vision problems. Tiredness brings sensory changes such as eyestrain and a reduction in the visual field of the woman.
  • A woman with insomnia speaks more slowly, with a dull tone and has difficulty ordering her thoughts and expressing her ideas.
  • Not sleeping takes away creativity and freshness. Insomnia alters the originality and flexibility of human thought.

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