What specialist doctor should I go to if I have an insomnia problem?

Sleep problems are more frequent than we think. Sometimes worries can assault you, invade anxiety and it is impossible to fall asleep in a long and restful way. But if when you fall into a sleepless night it is desperate, when the problem lasts several nights it becomes almost unbearable.

Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation like this, it is more than advisable to go to the doctor. A professional will guide you to find the core of the disorder and provide a quick and necessary solution. But at this point we find ourselves with a problem: which specialist doctor should you go to if you have a problem with insomnia? We give you the answer!

Consequences and problems of insomnia

  • The problems derived from insomnia are multiple, and can cause a real disorder in the day to day of the person who suffers from it. When you have suffered this problem, the consequences are seen in your personal, work, social and family life. In personal life you can find yourself with fatigue and a bad mood, consequences that also affect the second level (work).
  • In these cases you will not be able to do your job correctly, and it will be difficult for you to concentrate and pay attention. In addition, in the last two levels (social and family) you will have less desire to interact with people and you may be listless, tired, have less patience and, in general, it will affect social relationships.
  • Therefore, it is essential to get to sleep and rest for at least 7 hours so that the body is prepared to face the day. Just as the negative effects of insomnia are immediately noticeable, those effects of sleeping properly too, even if you don’t realize it. After a restful night’s sleep you are more prepared to face challenges, you will have better reflexes, better memory, more creativity and positive thinking.

What is the doctor who deals with sleep disorders?

  • After spending around 4 nights without sleep, it is necessary to see a doctor to remedy the insomnia. It can be a specific insomnia or it can be prolonged over time, but it is better to be safe than sorry and take the first step of going to the doctor who will help you fight insomnia once and for all and forget about it.
  • First of all, you should make an appointment with your family doctor since he is the one who knows you best and the one who has access to your history. He or she will be in charge of giving you the first recommendations to help you fall asleep. Among them may be relaxation, improving habits or lifestyle and bed schedules or guidelines for sleep hygiene.
  • But when the insomnia lasts over time (it is considered chronic insomnia when it lasts for more than three months) or if the family doctor considers it appropriate, you should see a specialist in this area to perform the relevant tests and thus detect what happens to you There is a Sleep Unit, although they can also refer you to a psychologist if they think that the origin of the sleep disorder can be treated in this way.
  • There are many cases in which pharmacological treatment is abused when treating insomnia, but this is not the most appropriate solution to solve it. In order to analyze how your sleep is, you are usually referred to the recently named Sleep Unit, which will do a test called polysomnography. How is this test? It is carried out in a sleep laboratory with an overnight stay, and with it the specialists obtain the necessary information to detect the origin and characteristics of insomnia.
  • From here, the most appropriate treatments can be established to treat this sleep disorder or insomnia. In this way, you will be able to find a way out and start to sleep well, something as necessary as breathing but that until you lack it you do not realize how valuable it can be.

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