Work does not let me sleep: insomnia due to work problems

We live in difficult times in labor matters. The crisis is still the perfect excuse to make it difficult to find a job, to generate uncertainty in terms of job stability and to load ourselves with too many responsibilities so as not to lose our job. All this is noticeable in fewer hours to sleep and in a worse quality of sleep. Work also generates insomnia.

Insomnia due to work

  • It seems inevitable that work will mess with you in bed. It may be that your boss burdens you with responsibilities that are not your, that the payroll has been reduced in recent months, that each month it takes longer to pay your salary, that there is a work environment of imminent layoffs. Or it may be that you don’t even have a job or prospects of having it. And all those worries go with you to bed.
  • Work problems are one of the main causes of insomnia. Due to lack of work or excess, more and more people go to bed nervous, with the uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow at work or there are even those who go to bed with the computer and subtract hours of sleep to finish the job. Due to nerves, insecurity, uncertainty or stress, the night progresses without sleeping a wink.
  • The consequences of this insomnia due to work have a direct impact on that same workplace. If you haven’t slept enough hours or if you’ve slept badly, you wake up tired, confused, and discouraged. This means that your mind is not as active as you need to be effective in your job, to be attentive or to quickly resolve any incident.

Can work insomnia be avoided?

  • Sleep specialists recommend going to bed with a certain attitude, they recommend getting into bed with the sole purpose of sleeping, without daily worries. They even teach us some tricks like mentally changing the channel when we think of something we don’t like and it prevents us from sleeping. But the truth is that labor problems are embedded in our heads and it is very difficult to leave them parked.
  • How to make work problems do not affect sleep? The answer is difficult and requires convincing yourself of two things. First you have to convince yourself of the importance of sleeping well, thinking that if we allow work to affect sleep, in the end that insomnia will end up affecting our work in a vicious circle.
  • And secondly, you have to convince yourself that there is nothing we can do to improve our work situation from bed. So the best thing is to make the most of the rest time to get up with all the desire, all the strength and all the resources that allow us to face any work problem.

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