Tricks for insomnia: simple habits to sleep well

In many cases insomnia needs medical treatment. But in many other cases, we cannot sleep because we ourselves sabotage our sleep cycle, due to bad habits, because we do not know how to manage our worries or due to poor organization. When it is not about chronic insomnia, but lately we are starting to have trouble sleeping, we must act. We have found some simple tricks to sleep better.

Easy tricks to sleep well

  • It is very important if we want to have a good quality of sleep and not wake up several times at night to have a light dinner. Copious dinners are one of the main enemies of sleep, so it is better to accept the theory that you have to have breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dine like a pauper.
  • If when we go to bed we cannot sleep because we are thinking about our worries and unpleasant images come to mind, we can include an imaginary remote control in those scenes and change the channel until we find an image that calms us down. And make us feel better.
  • The television is banished from the bedroom. Or, at least, we must abandon the habit of falling asleep with the television on. The same case, that is, no case, we should do it late at night, much less while in bed on the computer or mobile phone.
  • A few drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow can induce a more relaxed and smooth sleep.
  • You have to avoid at all costs and from the afternoon to any of the enemies of sleep, such as coffee, tea or alcohol. In the same way, arguments as a couple or family, if they cannot be avoided, we must at least resolve them before going to bed.
  • For those summer days when we can’t sleep due to the suffocating heat, a simple trick is to put the pillowcase in the fridge for a few minutes. So we can fall asleep with a fresher feeling.
  • The temperature of the room, in any case, is very important to have a good quality of sleep. Not too cold and not too hot. The temperature should be between 18º and 22º depending on the needs of each person. And it is not convenient to go to bed with a lot of light or noise either.
  • The order and cleanliness in the bedroom can also define our night rest. You have to remove unnecessary furniture and objects and keep the room clean. Thus, we will be closer to becoming aware that the bed is for sleeping.

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