Methods to remember your dreams

If you think that you do not dream at night, the correct thing is to say that you do not remember what you have dreamed. For science, sleep is a biological process and is involved in the regulation of various bodily functions. Thus, we all dream, without exception. What happens is that many do not remember what they dreamed. Very busy people, who do a thousand activities during the day and sleep very tired, do not usually remember dreams. The emotional block, when the unconscious represses the dream, also prevents the memories of dreams. If you are very curious and want to investigate where your mind wanders at night, I recommend some methods to not forget your dreams.

Methods to activate the memory of dreams

  • Dream Journal. When you wake up at night, make an effort to grab a pencil and paper and write down every day that you have dreamed of. Write down all the details, the simplest and, at first glance, unconnected. For example, a man, a path, a sentence. It doesn’t matter what, because later everything can have a meaning and an explanation. At first, the unconscious only gives you clues and more details emerge over time. The more attention you devote to remembering your dreams, the more you will dream and the more details you will remember.
  • Self-hypnosis. To help you remember your dreams, you can use basic self-hypnosis techniques. Put a glass of water next to the bed to sleep. Look at the glass and say very concentrated that tomorrow, when you drink the water, you will remember the dream. This self-induction usually works very well and will open up your memory.
  • The incubation of dreams. If you have to make a decision or understand a situation, at night, take a notebook and write down the question that is generating questions: Should I do this? Write various topics related to the matter, the pros and cons, egg. Read what she wrote on various occasions. Sleep peacefully, in the morning when you wake up it is likely that the memory of your dreams will tell you the answer and the best path to take.

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