Passion fruit to combat insomnia: tricks to sleep well

Human beings have always turned to nature to solve their health problems or improve their quality of life in general. There are many natural remedies that can combat sleep disorders effectively and without side effects. One of these remedies is found in a fruit. We discovered the properties of passion fruit against insomnia.

Passion fruit to sleep

  • The passion fruit is a delicious tropical fruit. The European conquerors also gave it another name, passion fruit, for reasons that have nothing to do with its supposed aphrodisiac character. And it is that the passion fruit flower reminded them of what is religiously known as the passion of Christ, where they could find the cross, the nails, the wounds and even the apostles who accompanied Jesus.
  • Curiosities aside, passion fruit is known outside of America for its juice, since its consumption as a fruit is not yet widespread. In any case, the properties of passion fruit are many as a fruit and as a juice, but in the treatment of insomnia what is used is the leaf of the plant. The most effective remedy is to take an infusion of passion fruit leaves after dinner or before going to bed in order to benefit from its sedative and relaxing properties.

Passion fruit properties

  • It seems that among the properties of passion fruit are that of being a natural relaxant, which is why it is indicated in cases of emotional disorders, nervousness and also insomnia. But in addition, passion fruit has many other properties, such as regulating blood pressure.
  • We also find in passion fruit, especially if we eat the fruit fresh, great antioxidant properties, bone protector, collagen producer and also strengthens the immune system, thereby preventing the most common infections. Its high content of vitamin C and fiber and its low caloric content make it ideal as the main element of many slimming diets.

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