Remedy against insomnia: a happy marriage

Recent studies from the University of Pittsburgh have elevated to science something we already knew: nothing makes you fall asleep better than sleeping next to your loved one.

Sleep better with the loved one

  • “We found that happily married women complain less of sleep disturbances, including difficulty falling asleep, waking during the night, waking early, and restless sleep, compared to those who are not married. Happy,” said Wendy Troxel, an associate professor of psychiatry who led the study, explaining that in these cases financial concerns, alcohol and caffeine consumption, or the frequency and intensity of sexual intercourse do not “weigh” as much.
  • Of course, a study like this could not avoid certain sleep disorders that are more common in men and that in many cases were pointed out as causes of poor sleep among dissatisfied wives, among whom they mentioned snoring and so-called sleep apnea.
  • Finally, after many surveys, observations and clinical studies, insomnia has a new risk factor, marital happiness, which is added to the already identified depressive symptoms, economic difficulties and work situations, alcohol and caffeine consumption, children and sexual activity.
  • Another interesting piece of information provided by Troxel and her team is that the Caucasian and African-American women surveyed were more complainers than the Japanese, Latino, and Chinese women.
  • This could be consistent with a greater advance in the emancipation of women in the cultures of North America and Europe than in the rest of the world, which conditions that some speak more freely about their marital problems than others.
  • Lastly, if it is true that Caucasian and Japanese women tend to be happier in their marriage, as the study indicates, then Europe and Asia sleep better. What a discovery!

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