Sleeping a lot and waking up tired, why does it happen?

Your alarm clock rings, you get out of bed and even though you’ve slept the regulation eight hours, you wake up with the feeling of being even more tired than when you went to bed. But why does this happen? Why do you wake up in the morning as if a truck had run over you despite having slept soundly? The reasons why you sleep a lot and wake up tired are very varied. We analyze them one by one.

The reasons why you sleep a lot and wake up tired

Waking up tired after a lot of sleep can turn your day into a real nightmare: you’ll be exhausted, in a bad mood, you won’t perform well at work or be able to carry out all your daily obligations. Therefore, it is important that you know the true causes that make you wake up so tired. Very attentive:

Alteration of the sleep cycle, the main reason why you wake up tired

  • It does not matter if you have slept eight, ten or twelve hours in one night, you will not be able to fully rest if your sleep does not have quality. In a matter of rest you have to be very clear about this: the quantity does not matter, but the quality. And quality is achieved by respecting the sleep cycle.
  • The sleep cycle is divided into five stages that last approximately 90 minutes. The first two stages are called “light”, the second two “deep” and the third is called “REM phase”. If any of these five stages is interrupted, for whatever reason, the sleep cycle will have to start again and that will cause us not to rest properly, causing us to wake up tired in the morning.

Stress, a reason to wake up tired

Daily stress, worries and nerves can greatly affect sleep and, consequently, the quality of rest. In this case, to improve the quality of sleep it is essential that when you get into bed you try to put aside all problems. In case you cannot do it, you should look for other alternatives such as listening to relaxing music or reading for a while before going to sleep to disconnect.

Worn mattress 

Even if you think that the mattress on your bed is new or that your pillow is perfectly adequate for rest, if you wake up tired in the morning, it is very likely that you should check everything. It is recommended that mattresses be changed after eight years, so if the life of your mattress has already exceeded that time, it is better that you buy another one. As for pillows, latex and aloe Vera are the best to improve rest.

Anemia and lack of vitamins make you wake up tired

If, despite having slept a lot of hours, you wake up tired in the morning or even have the feeling of always being exhausted, it is very likely that you have anemia or a lack of vitamins. In this case, it is best to see a doctor to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Don’t snooze the alarm clock

The “five more minutes” in the morning can take its toll on you since when you delay the alarm and go back to sleep, you do so for a very short period of time in which it does not lead to the completion of the sleep cycle. This leaves you feeling even more tired than when you first woke up.

Sleep apnea, a possible reason for waking up tired

  • Have you heard of sleep apnea? These cause you to stop breathing for a few seconds while you sleep, forcing the body to search for oxygen by breathing deeply.
  • The fact that breathing stops while you sleep causes the sleep cycle to be interrupted, you do not rest well and you wake up tremendously tired.

Don’t sleep with your phone nearby

The radiation emitted by mobile phones causes the circadian cycle to be altered so much, which means that we do not rest properly, we wake up easily and several times during the night and we have more nightmares than usual. At bedtime, the mobile is always turned off or in airplane mode!

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