Yoga for insomnia: find balance and sleep

Insomnia has different causes, but if there is one element common to all types of insomnia and the lack of which prevents us from sleeping, it is relaxation. A relaxed state of mind, where nerves and worries have no place, but euphoria is not what we need to get into bed and achieve a restful sleep.

We are talking about that balance that we need, more than ever at bedtime, and that we lose because we don’t know how to manage our emotions. But there is a technique that can help us regain balance, tranquility and sleep, and that is yoga.

The benefits of yoga for insomnia

  • Yoga is one of the most praised techniques to improve our quality of life. It is an ancient practice that combines postures, breathing and meditation to achieve a balance between body and mind and reach a state of control over our own body and over our emotions. That is why it is recommended to practice yoga for cases of depression, stress and anxiety. And also for insomnia.
  • We know that many cases of insomnia are the result of anxiety, stress and poor management of daily worries. Yoga considerably reduces the symptoms of this anxiety and with its practice we can find the calm we need to sleep. In addition, practicing yoga helps to eliminate muscle tension, essential if we want to maintain our quality of sleep.

Yoga poses to sleep

  • Among the postures that are practiced in a yoga class, there are some that are specially oriented to combat insomnia. This is the case of the happy baby position, which is done lying on your back and raising your legs until you can touch your feet. This position relaxes the lower back and reduces the heart rate so that you are in the optimal position to sleep.
  • Another of the positions that most favor sleep is the corpse position, although it requires a few weeks of practice. This posture combines relaxation and meditation and is performed lying on the ground like a dead body. Little by little you have to try to relax each part of your body. Although the easiest posture and which is also perfect for cases of insomnia is the Shukhasana, which is done seated, with legs crossed, placing the feet under the knees and placing the hands on the knees.
  • In any case, to start practicing yoga, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of a professional. Over time, you will be able to perform these poses without any supervision before going to sleep and combine them with the breathing exercises that are indicated in class.

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