Practical tips to sleep well

Sleep is a fundamental activity that occupies approximately one third of our lives. During it, changes are produced in the organism necessary for its proper functioning. That is why sleeping well is as necessary as eating or drinking.

Good tips to sleep well

  1. If you have problems, no matter how many problems you have, if you sleep well you will be able to solve them all in a calm and healthy way.
  2. Leave the concerns or tasks for the next day on the nightstand even if it is necessary to write them down on a piece of paper.
  3.  Don’t obsess over sleep. If you go to bed and after a while you haven’t fallen asleep, get up and do something quiet until you feel sleepy again. Do the same if he wakes up at dawn.
  4. Try to always go to bed at the same time, even on weekends. In the same way, whenever you can, try to get up at the same time even if you have slept little or badly.
  5. Do not take a nap and if you need it, it should not last more than half an hour.
  6. Make sure that the room is a comfortable and quiet place, with a pleasant temperature and without telephones, televisions…
  7. In the afternoon and at night, avoid the consumption of coffee, alcohol and other stimulants such as chocolate or drinks that contain caffeine. Some type of medication can cause insomnia. Consult with your doctor the possibility of changing the schedule of this medication.
  8.  Tobacco can also cause insomnia, especially to those who are occasional smokers.
  9. Avoid as far as possible situations of work and personal stress with a positive attitude towards problems. In any case, reading or a hot water bath before going to sleep as well as relaxation techniques help.
  10. Have a light dinner but don’t go to bed hungry either. A glass of milk or a hot infusion shortly before going to sleep can help.
  11. Daily exercise, even moderate, reduces stress and promotes sleep, although it should be avoided before going to sleep.
  12. Do not take medication without medical advice. In the long run it will be counterproductive to sleep well

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